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Brain Software - Readers' Comments

Many readers of the book sent comments - Here is a summary:

U.K.:  works!

U.K.:  I am fascinated. Many thanks to the authors!

B.K.:  Ordered your book today.

J.M.:  Just read your forewords and then ordered the book from Amazon and looked at some of the YouTube videos on the topic.

A.L.:  My dad, E.L. told me about your book - which I got immediately via Amazon. Yes, and I also want, what is written there.

E.P.F.: Dear Heinz, you genius with the new Brain Software! I wish from the depth of my heart that on your birthday through your new Brain Software every cell in you is blossoming in bliss and that all your cosmic plans with the support of Ganesha and Shiva lead to success, so that soon we all experience far more of heaven on earth. All love and SatChitAnanda.

J.L.: The book is a bomb! Clear presentation of facts, whereas others often described a world of believe rather than of knowledge.

U.K.: Heartfelt thanks for your research! Heartfelt congratulations for your discoveries. Just watching your youtubes. 🙂 Have a nice Sunday.

M.A.: Top, top book, by the way!

K.W.: With great interest I have now read through your book once. I am probably going to read it several times. My siddhi practice has somewhat changed by that. The silence has become deeper.

P.S.: Ordered, looking forward to its arrival.

R.M.N.: Already tried it the day before yesterday at night. The nose feels like "Rudolphs light with dimmer!'

I.J.:  Congratualtions, it also looks very interesting from the outside! Wishing you success ...

B.B.:  Hello dear Heinz! I am very interested in your book. I am very happy that this work now is completed and surely will be a jewel. All love to you B.

J.W.: I hope your book is a huge success,

B.I.: A fascinating book for chilling hours in the sun and at the lake.

B.K.: Grear respect, Heinz, it sounds like a genius explanation attempt. I am fascinated.

U.K.: Hello, dear Heinz, I gave the book as a present to 4 friends already via Amazon and have lent my own copy 🙂 I am not yet quite through, but next week I will be done. Any case, I am going to write something about it and going to spread it. Directly had some siddhi experiences. Your work is grand. There will be a review from me 🙂 Lovely Greetings U.

M.S.: Dear Heinz, just read your book first time round ... great work! You are saying, the actual author should be honored, but also the translators, I say!

The Author Heinz Krug

An enlightened scientist, inventor and meditation teacher has invented a new generation of computer chips, that today are utilized in all computers. He also studied for many years the vedic literature. While newly translating the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali directly from Sanskrit into a modern language he found the formula for the upgrade of the brain software and for the expansion of the physics of the unified field in the form of the universe software. During the courses that he offers, participants within a few days spontaneously begin to apply the higher versions of their brain software in their own lives.

The Author Gerd Unruh

Prof. Dr. Gerd Ernst Unruh studied chemistry, mathematics and philosophy of science and was professor of computer science at the University Furtwangen, Germany. He learnt the science of Vedanta and Yoga in theory and practice from two highly respected Indian teachers, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji, Shankaracharya of South India. Prof. Unruh was the project leader in a three year EU-India project until 2006, which had the goal to explore computer linguistics, Indian grammar, logic and ontology for the computerised language analysis of Samskṛt texts. Other participants were Dr. Malten, University of Cologne, Germany, late Dr. Rashmi Bahadur, an Indian Samskṛt expert, and Sri Gowrishankar from the Sri Shankara Advaita Research Center in Sringeri, Karnataka, India. The project was blessed by the guidance of His Holiness, the Shankaracharya.
In 2014 Prof. Unruh joined Heinz Krug in the translation and research of the Yoga Sūtras, exploring and teaching powerful mental techniques, the siddhis. Prof. Unruh offers courses on a scientific and academic level to learn the techniques of the Yoga Sūtras with the goal of quickly developing higher levels of consciousness. He achieved the competence in this field with his own stabilisation of unity consciousness (brain software version 7) in 2018. In these courses the participants develop and sharpen their intuitive intelligence towards evident cognition, improving their health, serenity and happiness. Most participants, being acquainted with computer-oriented concepts, easily understand their own evolution towards higher states of consciousness in the language of Brain Software. 

A New Theory of the Unified Field by Heinz Krug

From "Brain Software" p. 132-135


As we have mentioned before, physics has located the smallest possi-ble space region. That is the Planck volume, corresponding to a three-dimensional cube with an edge length of 10-35 m, in each direction. Here it is irrelevant, whether the grid consisting of these smallest space elements is cubic or tetrahedral or whether it has the form of any other platonic body or that of any other structure.

What is essential, is that these smallest space elements can momen-tarily function as a memory. That happens if they support for a certain, very short time vacuum fluctuations or if they function as a spin network as postulated by loop quantum gravity – one of the approaches to a unified field theory. That applies if they can hold information in the form of spins. A spin essentially is an abstract angular momentum of an elementary particle. In loop quantum gravity, however, it is considered as something more fundamental that can hold information at certain locations in space and can move that information to other positions in space. Thus we have the essential conditions for a computer system, which is to store information at specific space elements, and additionally to transmit that information to other space elements. The number of available space elements in space is significantly larger than with any matter-based ar-rangements like chips, molecules, atoms, etc.

Deficiency of unified field theories

It is our opinion that seen exclusively from the viewpoint of physics the theories of the unified field cannot be fully grasped. Why? It becomes very clear, considering the science of chemistry, that all chemical processes ultimately can be traced back to quantum physics phenomena. In spite of that chemists continue to use their chemistry specific notations and formulae, to quantify chemical reactions, to make them measurable and then, to control them with engineering methods. If chemical engineers would exclusively use unified field equations, they would never arrive at practical solutions.

Another example is the field of electronics, especially digital electronics. Admittedly all electronics is based on physics, especially on the electromagnetic field. However, no electronics engineer would formulate and solve the electromagnetic field equations for complex circuitry. Here other additional knowledge is required, which does build on electromagnetism but also supersedes it. In digital electronics, the information processing is accomplished on an abstract level. The same principles of information processing can be applied to a variety of physical systems and, therefore, are not limited to electromagnetism. Software utilizes even more stages of abstraction beyond electromagnetic waves, which are only used as information carriers.

Computer extension of field theories of physics

With the same methods of abstraction, which digital electronics ap-plies to the electromagnetic field, we succeeded in a further step of abstraction. We applied this method to the finest level of the manifest universe, the empty space. Thus we could discover the universe-computer hardware in empty space and describe the best of all rulers (Īśvara) as the user of the cosmic software, which is an expression of his power (śakti).

Additionally, one should consider, that the universe-computer soft-ware and hardware do not work in a dualistic fashion, but rather always appear as one unity. We have already mentioned that this concept of unity is used in today’s computer technology in the form of FPGAs or memory based computer systems (see the section “Brain Software Changes the Physiology” in the introduction). In this way, the software can flexibly rearrange its hardware the way it requires it. The hardware no longer contains any individualization, but individualization is a direct effect of the software. Similarly, it happens with empty space, which also does not contain any individualization, yet it can transmit information waves with-in its spin network. Applied to the universe-computer, this means that Īśvara, using his cosmic software, from the material of empty space, that he has created, can generate and design anything the way he likes.

Space is a spin network

The spin networks are nothing but space (ākāśa) that can develop its dynamics. To make it completely clear, in this space there are yet no fields, waves or elementary particles. Initially, it is nothing but a communication network. The spin is the movable information, which can travel through those networks. The spin networks can function therefore like the hardware of a computer. We call it the universe-computer. Anything that gives a pattern to the two phenomena of information storage and information transmission, we call software.

Patterns in the spin networks are the software of the universe-computer. The spin networks are the hardware of the universe-computer. The spin networks however also consist of those patterns. Therefore there is no longer any difference between the hardware and the software of the universe-computer. It is unity. The universe-computer at its most fundamental level is unity and not duality.

Software controlled orderliness of the universe

We assume that the spin networks are not working chaotically but in an orderly manner. The orderliness originates from the software of the universe-computer. Otherwise, how could there ever arise any orderliness from the quantum chaos during the generation of matter and energy in the universe? The software of the universe-computer we equate with the power of Īśvara. It works on the information level of Īśvara with an information density of 10^99 bits per cm3 of space. Īśvara’s knowledge, however, supersedes even this information density, as it is located in the spaceless region of nirvicāra samādhi.

The spin networks of loop quantum gravity are not contained within another space, but they rather form space. Their patterns and vibrations determine the interconnection. That means the manifest software is identical with the manifest hardware. Manifest software exists on the level of manifest information, in this case of the spins, which are transmitted through the spin network.

Software methods of the universe-computer

The creation, maintenance, and destruction of the universe, then would be three different software methods of the class “universe” in the software of the universe-computer. They would be special expressions of the power (śakti) of Īśvara. In the same way, the creation, maintenance, and destruction of partial areas of the universe would be limited software regions of the power of Īśvara. Īśvara’s software functions on all scales and is the first cause of all phenomena in the universe, starting from the Big Bang (if it ever happened) down to the creation, movement and elimina-tion of all elementary particles. The same applies to all other phenomena that are scaled in between the smallest matter particles and the diameter of the universe. It is all nothing but the software of Īśvara, the effect of pure, transcendental nirvicāra knowledge of Īśvara, which possesses infinite organizing power.

Other physicists may use the name “unified field” for the software of the universe-computer, but we think that with our explanation in the terminology of computer science we can explain, what is happening, in a more intelligible way.

Īśvara’s unmanifest knowledge base

Nevertheless, Īśvara has also an unmanifest knowledge base on the level of nirvicāra samādhi, which is beyond the three guṇas, where sattva guṇa is the only measure. Pure sattva corresponds to the manifest power, the śakti of Īśvara. His infinite, pure knowledge on the level of nirvicāra even transcends this level of power. On the other side, also it does not because he is unity and not duality and therefore his power is inseparable from his pure knowledge.

Heinz Krug:
Physics Needs Computer Science to Understand the Unified Field

From "Brain Software" p. 145-148

Peculiar Fine Tuning of Natural Constants

Searching for the unified field by now for more than 60 years, no final breakthrough has been achieved, and not even a verifiable theory exists. During that search, however, something else has shown up, which is, that due to natural laws our universe may not necessarily have originated, the way it is now. Rather, there is a huge choice, to change natural constants minimally and with that to generate a completely different universe.

Some of the natural constants in this regard are very sensitive. Noth-ing but fine-tuning of the natural constants would create exactly this universe, which we have now. Here are some examples:

• If the expansion rate of the early universe had been different by a factor by 1 part in 10^57, today there would be no solar systems nor any galaxies and, instead, the universe would have collapsed right away.

• If the original density of the universe had deviated from the critical density by 1 part in 10^60, the universe would have collapsed already. You have to become clear about that. The universe in total has a mass-energy of 10^57 grams, maximum. Therefore this deviation in density would mean, that the universe would have collapsed if it had had one more milligram of mass.

• If the strength of electromagnetism had been different by 1 part in 10^40, there would have been no stars or suns.

• If the strength of the gravitational force had been different by 1 part in 10^100, which means if it had differed in the 100th position to the right of the decimal point, all planets, long ago would have collapsed into their suns or escaped from their orbits. Then no life would have been possible on any planet.

Critique of the Paradigms of Unified Field Theories

All this necessary fine-tuning is hard to reconcile with the current paradigms of physics. How could one hope to achieve anything with unified field theories giving rise to so many possibilities?

Various physicists, of course, also have doubts, whether or not such fine tuning is really required. Therefore they have devised the following loopholes, to explain the phenomena:

• A future theory should be without any fine-tuned constants. But this has not been discovered. Therefore, the present-day theories are incomplete.

• The theory of the multiverse could bring relief. A multiverse, for that purpose, would contain at least enough universes, such that one of them, arbitrarily, which would be ours, could develop and support life. Somehow, this was also not quite satisfactory because, why should there be at least 10^100 universes without any life, and ours should be the only one, that has developed life?

• Finally, there remains the theological explanation, namely that an intelligent, almighty being has done this fine-tuning of the natural constants, to create exactly the desired life. There is, however quite some critique against that from the side of scientists. They would not easily want to give back the playground to the theologians:

> If a creator would be powerful enough, to create life in a fine-tuned universe, then surely he also would have the power, to do this in a non-fine-tuned universe.

> The rational incomprehensibility of the universe, especially the fine-tuning is taken as an indicator for a creative force, but not necessarily for a creator.

> The applicability of statistical hypotheses is denied. Statistics altogether is denied.

Cosmic Software Solves the Problem of Fine-Tuning

We think that here we can contribute with our software paradigm. The universe, in that case, would not be the result of the most complicated, unsolvable mathematical constructs, but rather, it would be the result of a highly orderly software of cosmic range.  In computer science, for a long time, we have been aware of a similar problem. It is just far too difficult and too laborious to solve large tasks with purely analog machines. One has to use the digital principle, and digital software, or at least has to add them, like for example in the case of the neurons in the human brain. They are working in a mixed analog and digital way. Thus, the attempt of present-day physics, to think of a unified field, as it were, merely “analog,” appears to us like a technology that we, computer scientists, had given up already half a century ago. That is, because it is nearly impossible, to fine-tune the analog components, and keep them fine-tuned, such that they always provide accurate, predicta-ble results. 

Alternatives for Unified Field Theories

We see it the same way for the whole universe. Therefore we suggest an alternative to the unified field theories of physics. We suggest that the whole universe consists of an information network, which corresponds to the hardware, such that any phenomenon of information transfer, energy, or matter, is nothing but the expression of software, which runs on the fundamental information network. Thus it can be explained, why natural constants seem to be so very fine-tuned and why they can achieve their results reliably.

The Software Developer and User of the Universe-Computer

The programming of the cosmic network does not necessarily happen by language constructs as in today’s computer technology, but rather by vibrations, forms or sounds. Sounds (nāma) and forms (rūpa) can be transformed into each other. That is, as if, cosmic music lets the network vibrate and thus programs it. The programming changes the network or creates manifestations from the network that appear to us like energy waves or matter particles. Thus energy and matter are derived in essence, from information flows.

The software developer and user of this cosmic software would then in our view be the “best ruler,” that is Īśvara, as pointed out in the yoga sūtras. He, himself would be the user of the software, not being involved in it, but he would rather observe his cosmic software, his cosmic game (līlā) while being separate from it. However, he could also intervene in the game and appear as an avatāra on any level of the software, or he could communicate with any element in the software via the corresponding communication interfaces.

Explanation:  The symbol ^ means exponent, which usually is indicated by superscripted numbers.

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